Comfortable hands-free running leash

Simple, light easy to use design. The metal D-ring on waist belt slides to you and your dogs preferred running position. Adjusts to your waist size and the leash stretches to prevent jarring stops or starts.  Read more

LED Safety Necklace Dog Collar

Keep your pups safe when you’re exercising them at night. I don’t know about where you live, but in my neighborhood, people drive their cars way too fast and this collar is visible from far away. It’s adjustable in size and has a constant glow as well as flashing mode.  Read more

Dog Walking Bag  

Hang this very useful bag by the door so you’re ready to grab it and head out. It’s small enough to be worn (with a metal clip) on your belt securely for running. The strap can also be shortened as a belt or strapped diagonally across your body. The convenient waste bag dispenser makes for quick, easy, one-handed pick-up. Put everything you’ll need inside like treats to reward good behavior, cell phone, extra bags, pepper spray, or stun gun for self-defense. I keep a flashlight for night clean up (mostly during winter months when it gets dark early). I attach a carabiner to clip my leash on when I need both hands. Great way to organize and be ready for when your dog gives you the “I gotta go!” look.  Read more

Compostable Poop Bags 

Like most people, I’ve used plastic bags leftover from grocery shopping. Those bags often had holes in them and certainly weren’t leak proof. Also, I always felt that they were wayyyy too large and bad for the environment. These bags are smaller, vegetable-based, and approved by the Biodegradable Products Institute. Perfect size, durable, and leak-proof. And now I feel better that my pets and I are eco-friendly.  Read more

Retractable Dog Leash

If we all lived way out in the country with no dangers like cars, other dogs or distractions like people and cats, it would be wonderful to have your dog run free and unencumbered. This leash is just about as close as you can get to that feeling. The smooth in and out of the lead gives your dog the feeling of running freely, while the braking system on the soft-grip handle keeps you in control.  Read more

Tangle Free Dual Dog Leash

Great invention! While exercising 2 dogs, they will almost always like to walk in different directions and cross paths often. You inevitably get tangled up. This leash can eliminate that. It swivels so they don’t get tangled, making for a more enjoyable jog or walk.  Read more

Precision Fit Dog Harness

This great-looking harness has slip lock buckles on each side for a precision fit. Available in 9 colors and sizes extra small to large (15 – 50 lbs.)  Read more


Stun Gun & LED Flashlight

I’ve never needed this kind of protection but it would be good to have in a pinch. Both my brother and father have experienced aggressive and out-of-control neighborhood dogs. Unfortunately, my brother has the scars to show for it. This non-lethal stun gun can defend you and your dog from any threatening animals – or people. Also, with loud, intimidating sound, extremely bright, disorienting strobe light and shock that will stop aggression. It’s small but it’s powerful. Keep it in your dog walking bag and make sure you stay safe. Will not harm animals.  Read more