That’s funny!

“Home Skooling” ©Jacki Gordon/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021

Attention all pet owners: That funny photo you took of your dog could make you some money… or at least bragging rights.

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards is the brainchild of two Brits: Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam. They started with a Comedy Wildlife Photo contest and then created The Comedy Pet Photo Awards. The top prize is £2,000, which is equivalent to $2,740.16 US dollars. There are other prizes like doggie goodie bags for the lower-tier winners.

The 2021 winners were just announced and the contest will reopen again for 2022 entries in April. The categories are Dogs, Cats, Horses, Other Creatures Great & Small, and Junior (kid’s photography work).

So if you love your dog (and who doesn’t), and he/she makes you laugh, try to capture it in a photo and submit it to The Comedy Pet Photo Awards. I’ll be looking forward to seeing them.

And by the way, we have a page here at dedicated to your dog photos. Please feel free to send your favorites to and we’ll post them and credit you. They don’t have to be funny – we love all dogs.

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