Effects of the solar eclipse on your dog.

I just want to start by saying your dog doesn’t need eclipse glasses. Other than posing for an amusing photo-op intended for social media, there’s really no reason.

Dogs instinctively know better than to stare at the sun. They rarely look up unless it’s to follow a bird, ball, Frisbee or person that attracts their attention. If you’ve already bought eclipse glasses for your dog please don’t force them to look at the sun. They could care less about it, and on the off chance the glasses slip or aren’t well made, their eyes are as vulnerable as ours are.

Still, it’s a good idea for the pup to be inside during the eclipse. Bees have been known to swarm during these solar events and there can be other commotion like fireworks and parties.

If you’re driving to an area of totality and taking your dog, be ready for crowds. Crowded highways with traffic jams that can slow down dogs much needed bathroom breaks. Also, crowded, noisy gatherings of people viewing the event that can cause anxiety in some dogs. You know your K9 friend better than anyone. Watch for signs of anxiety in your pup as your watching the eclipse

We know that our dogs would always want to be with us, but maybe it’s kindest to leave them at home during this weeks solar eclipse.


That’s funny!

“Home Skooling” ©Jacki Gordon/Animal Friends Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021

Attention all pet owners: That funny photo you took of your dog could make you some money… or at least bragging rights.

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards is the brainchild of two Brits: Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam. They started with a Comedy Wildlife Photo contest and then created The Comedy Pet Photo Awards. The top prize is £2,000, which is equivalent to $2,740.16 US dollars. There are other prizes like doggie goodie bags for the lower-tier winners.

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Talking tick removal. Yuck!

It’s tick season and where I live it seems like they’re everywhere. When you’re out jogging or playing with your dog there’s a good chance one or more may latch onto you or your pup.

It’s important to get rid of the ticks ASAP.  Lyme disease, babesiosis, and ehrlichiosis are among the infectious diseases they can carry. Transmission of these diseases can happen within 6 hours of tick contact, though most experts say it takes more like 24 hours. Continue reading “Talking tick removal. Yuck!”

Heroic Dogs

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